Monday, 8 November 2010

I did my first Craft Xmas fayre

One end of my table

Then there was a spare so used the other to display more!
Well my first first christmas fair was ok, i learnt that its probably best to sell maybe 2-3 different things rather than lots of mish mash handmade stuff as I felt it looked a little messy, probably my display techinques are not great, but im going to make myself a few stands to make the things look even more professional ready for the Yeovil Craft fair at Abby Manor Barn. 21st November. Come along to see how I've improved my set up. But everyone was friendly and feel really pleased that I did it. Well done me! And i didn't make loads of money but came home in profit even after spending some money (naughty!)


  1. well done :)
    The first is always a learning curve...and the second and third....
    There is always a stall that you think that yours should look like! BUT...people are prob. thinking the same about yours :)

  2. Yeah the first of many!! your stall looks great :)

  3. Thanks guys, it's great, im really loving it, It's a bit like when you see a really good stage production and you come away feeling all creative and kind of gooey, Im so glad I have found something I love doing that helps with both money and brain at the same time. Also whenI got home I had had an order for 3 cat door stops in my Folksy shop! Things do sometimes go ok!


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