Friday, 5 November 2010


I've spent ages uploading my pictures in a way that I can display all of the wooden sentiments on one page so i do not have to spent hours uploading each one onto my blog and it wont work! Sobs! I need to learn a few more tricks I think.
Any hoo I've managed to get everything prepared now for sunday and Im ready to go to the fair yay!

Various sentiments
on the cupcake range

Christmas sentiments

Home sentiments

The xmas gingerbread men

My price tags

2 of my girls relaxing whilst mummy crafts!

Millie and I made some things from Plastiroc (clay)
....So I had to upload just one of each to show you, I really wanted the 20 in one picture I think I will have to seek some advice on how to do it. Millie and I made some bits from a meduim called Plastiroc this morning whilst baby Roo was sleeping we made a tortoise, a house and some butterflies so we can make them into a mobile when they are dry. I love crafting with the children they are so free in what they do as they have no preconceptions. I wish I was like that in my ideas.


  1. how strange that you should be making things from clay....i have been too....some hanging hearts :)

  2. It's so yummy to work with ... I love a mess all squishy and just great!


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