Sunday, 31 October 2010

More makes from Marti Crafts

Fridge magnets

Pretty dress hangers

And our little pumpkin

Have now mananged to do a dummy run of filling up my table with the items I have for sale, and am glad to say I have manage dto fill up my table so not worried anymore about not having enough to sell.
I thought the children might like little fridge magnets in a basket to rummage through so made a few last night.
Our pumpkin looks really cute by the burner soSo happy hallows eve folks!
thought I would show him to you all!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Wooden hangers and Bunting



My bunting for my stall

Uploaded in black and white to keep the colours a surprise!

I have tonight stayed up silly late and made my bunting for my stall turned out pretty well I am pleased, it's 7 foot long and very cute. The woodens hangers have had  the undercoat and also 2 layers of top coat except the cupcake designs and will soon resemble christmas tree decorations and hanging pretties. This is my idea of relaxation and its time for myself when the rest of my tribe are sleeping. Now must rest as it was my little one's birthday today and tomorrow we have lots of chores to do....Night all  

Friday, 29 October 2010

Posh Pinny

Diamonte Lettering is what makes these aprons so POSH!

Almost finished:  my very own to wear at the craft fair
These will be made to order and will sell at £20 per apron, they are fully lined and you can have any name you like. 

Card stand and Birthday cake

My card stand

My daughter with her homemade birthday cake

As promised is the photo of the card stand that I will use to display my cards at the fair, I spent a bit of time this morning putting all of the cards into cellophane card bags so they look all professional.
And it is my middle daughters 3rd birthday today and here is her cake she made ...Yummy lemon cake!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

More makes for the craft fair

Spent the morning and half of the afternoon making some cards to go on my stall.
Now feel like I am getting somewhere with the makes! I have a lovely stand for the cards I will take a shot of it and post it on here so you can see how I will display them on the stall.

blue drawstring bag

dressing up fabric used

Nappy bag?

nice long handle so you can pop it out of the way of your little ones

Ahhh! pink teddy pram/cot blankets
After finally ditching the flu (almost) I got on the machine today and made baby blankets (4 of) I also made 4 blue drawstring bags of different sizes, I thought they might be nice for toy tidies or PE bags, I also made a nappy bag from some Libertys fabric, took up a hem for a friends dress and then cooked a stew, mash and homemade pizza's with the children, now Im ready to collapse again! I have now 10 days left till the first craft fair and am hopefully in full making mode! Tomorrow I shall start with the little wooden hangings I think. 

Monday, 25 October 2010

Nothing to do with crafting but please read...

Dana Nieder has written a peice on her blog that has touched my heart and I feel needs to be shared ..... please click on this link and read her post its very heart warming and very true regardless of your childrens needs or disabilities, There is a lot of people who are slightly uncomfortable with the topic of disabilities and how many of us avoid the subject even with those parents we know have a child with a disability? Dana Nieder's version of welcome to Holland

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Finished handmade clock - cupcake £10

Cupcake clock £10
At last the clocks are almost finished here is the first one and is for sale in my Folksy shop MARTI CRAFTS priced at £10 click the link to take you directly to my little store

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Look At My Posh Apron !

my first apron with Diamonte lettering

I have made this for my mum as it was her birthday

Double sided

These diamonte letterings are so very cool
I made this first apron for my mum as it was her birthday in september but I have been so busy and I have just got round to it tonight. I will post it to her first thing in the morning. I hope she likes it....Im thinking these should be great for christmas day, we all get dressed up lovely then cook christmas dinner with our nice outfits on so thought I could add a touch of class to christmas day cooking!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

And some more this afternoon ....

todays progress
In bertween snuggels with my smallest daughter I managed to paint 7 clocks today. Now must let them dry varnish them and add any embelishments and then the mechinisms will be ready to be fitted.

Handmade clocks being painted

butterfly clock

cupcake clock

butterfly clock

flower clock

I am now getting back on with the clocks as I now have 2 craft fairs booked up in november so I need to get a wiggle on as there is also lots more to make beside the clocks! I need santa's elves here really! 

Sunday, 10 October 2010

A new look for the tub chair

The seat cover looks a little loose but its completly removable.

Box pleat on the front hem

Detailed arm rests

Pretty mermaid tail pleat

ta-da finito !
Well its finished on time ready for Liza to use in her nail bar in the salon.
The plus side is that you can take off all the covers and underneath is the chair as it was before it was covered from cream to black, I think with a few more practises and a little time...I COULD MASTER IT!
I think I have learnt a few lessons like measure not twice and cut once but measure twenty times and cut once is more like the rule to follow.