Tuesday, 3 November 2009

3 new hand drawn card designs

Just did 3 designs with ink and marker for some christmas cards that have been ordered.
Need to find some good wording for personal inserts for some future orders I have had in. Its actually rather difficult to be creative when you are surrounded by cardboard boxes and have no permanent work station I keep having to clear away my mess every 5 minutes as im in the nursery sitting at the table! What a set up!

Made another set of 10 cards for an order yesterday and delivered today. They seem to be going down really well in sets of 10. Of course the discounted price helps but its for christmas and im no scrooge at christmas! My online shop is almost empty so must spend the day tomorrow making new cards I also have an order for 32 mixed cards that I'd really like to have made before friday when we are "supposed" to be moving.

Monday, 2 November 2009

New Christmas Sets On Sale

Sneak preview of the new set of cards due to go on sale in my MISI Marti Crafts store.
Been a hectic week as the sale of our house goes through this week so will be without the internet shortly so will have a 2 week break from selling soon. Then we shall be back with lots of new craft gifts ready for the new year.