Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Stage 3 of summer dress

Well stage 3 complete.
Added some bias binding in a floral pattern.
Picture number 3 is my mothers day card (a bit early) in the form of Millie as the hungry green caterpillar.
How cute!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dress stage 2

second stage complete
Now I have sewn all of the peices of fabric together I just need to get all of the trimmings for the neck line, and sleeve holes, I have a sample of the fabric and will go in search tomorrow for embelishments, possibly bias binding and then a coursage for the dress. Also it may need an underskirt, Will have to wait to see stage 3 .... watch this space!

Summer dress & cake!


Cut dress pattern
I made a birthday cake with bunting on, 37 flags for my OH. Yummy!
Then today I cut out a pattern for a summer dress for my neice (if it goes to plan!) its a trial make for the bridesmaid dresses I am going to hopefully make for October. I now just have to sew it all together, and add a zip??? ahhh!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Car tidy

My OH was cleaning my car over the weekend and had a little moan about the kiddies feet being on the backs on the chairs and about the amount of toys and rubbish we collect... So I decided to make some pockets that tie to the head rest to solve both problems. Ive made this one and a spotty one so both the girls have one each for all their "in-car essentials"

Made from left over fabric
What do you think?
Is there anything you've made recently to solve problems/issues you have?

Friday, 25 March 2011

Gifts added to Folksy Shop

My Folksy shop now has all of my goods in for sale, that I have been making for the past month. So please feel free to come along and have a peek, if you click on my name ---> MARTI CRAFTS this will take you directly to my shop. Also whilst you're there check out a shop called Lauramics. I have just brought two amazing hand made bowls from Laura there, and they are so lovely. Will post a picture of them later. Righ well I had a lovely time at the craft fair tonight, and came home with out spending anything except my stall money so that was a good night!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Millie

Millie a couple of years ago

This is how I think the cooking should be done.... This was almost 2 years ago when we lived in our little apartment with a huge garden! She still loves to bake now, I'm glad she enjoys cooking, its such a relaxing job....and if it's not you're doing something wrong!!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Childrens aprons & Ceramic hearts

Blue paper rose ceramic heart

Ivory ribbon rose ceramic heart


Apron modelled by Millie

Fruit oil cloth

Set of 8 Unisex childrens aprons

I have spent the morning making these ceramic hearts, they came out better than I thought, so im pleased with them them. They look great hanging up.
I've also made 8 aprons from an oil cloth fabric for our local Sure Start childrens centre for the children to wear whilst they prepare their food and snacks. Making 8 in one go was abit tricky as my attention span is like a gnat's. But I did it and they even have my Marti Crafts labels in them just for a bit of good advertising! I will take them in on thursday when we have our next toddler play session.
Now its back to real world and the chores need doing, oh the ironing, the hoovering, the washing etc etc.
Joys of spring!!!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Aprons wrapped and ready

All wrapped and labelled

who will buy???

Well thats another job, jobbed!
I Love it when you finish a project.
Now just have to do some selling!

Gifts ~ ready to be sold

Purple design

Green design

Well 4 more gifts now ready to be sold.
Love these I want to keep one for myself!
I have also brought some nice fruity style oil cloth fabric to make some childrens aprons as my next project.
Also I am now a registered Childminder,
It took me 6 months to get registered and do all of the relevant courses and peadiatric first aid But now its all done Yay!
Hope fully I will soon have lots of little crafters in my home with me!
Leave me comments on how you think my gifts have turned out wont you?!!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Custom order complete!

Apron finished !

All wrapped and ready to go

Well, what a lovely day we have been blessed with here in Somerset. Sun shining, A trip to IKEA for our wedding decorations and a Maccy D's all funded by my gorgeous OH. Got home and finished the apron for Liza. Next project is already swimming in my head!

Custom Order Apron & More

One plain pocket with white ribbon

...Now has pretty pale pink rhinestones on

Chiffon neck tie (adjustable) and "Nails by Liza" has
to be attacthed but its too late to have the sewing machine
going! So a job for tomorrow

Ceramic heart with embellishments for Mothers day

Well I have started the apron that was ordered last week, and all was going well until it got to 12am...Then I couldn't use the machine or I'd wake the whole house up! So I will finish it off tomorrow ready for delivery.
I also brought some gorgeous ceramic hearts today that were crying out to me for a personal touch! I thought I might hand paint a couple of them with some nice sayings. So that's it another crafty day in the Marti Crafts household!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Baby & Toddlers knitted jumper

Roo wearing her peek a boo jumper

What's in the pocket?

Eeeeek a mouse!

How adorable?
Just received this in the post amongst a little selection of jumpers and cardigans knitted 'with love' by my Granma. I just love this jumper, the idea is so brilliant. Roo looks a little like a boy in these pictures but the seriously cute factor is still there. Aww I love my granma - Thank you!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More gifts in the making

Painted the boards
white,pink and gold and then distressed them

Close up of the distressed look
Added some writing to the bottoms

Covered the notepads and stamped a design,
then used my hotfix tool to add rhinestones

Close up

Thomas working with me tonight

I have been working on the gifts for the pamper evening on the 25th March. Had some help from my daughter and Thomas our cat. Im waiting for holes to be drilled into the boards so I can add rope to hang them up by and they need pencils attatched to them too. Tomorrow I shall be working on the custom order for an apron for a lady who has put in a custom request.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tutorial to make favour pockets

10 Steps to make favour pockets.
All of my products apart from the paper came from Karen a lovely stampin up demonstrator There are so many great ideas on her blog to try, I am going to use these, well, similar to these as my wedding favours. So I am practising for mothers day. See my Marti Crafts on facebook  to see how I've filled them and the extra embellishments I have added. 

Stamp the card (half A4)

Stick double sided tape to one end

Roll into a tube

Stick double sided tape to inside of one end of tube

Squash the two sides of tube together

Add tape to the other end of tube its at this
stage you would add something inside the pocket
(Nice chocolates?)  

Squash tube flat in the opposite direction to the first one

So this is how it should look now

Use the crimper to crimp both ends of your pocket

This is the effect the crimper gives

TA-DA! one favour pocket

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Made a few aprons for a fiar im doing on the 25th March, I have made one with double pockets and its looking good, My order for my Marti Crafts labels came today aswell so all my handmade goods will all be labelled to show that I designed and made them!

Then me and my best friend Cara went and had a lovely day together getting pampered and had a photoshoot, here is a selection of the pictures I had done, they are really too expensive to buy so we brought a couple each and the studio gave us the contact sheets to keep. So these are from the contact sheets so they are not the best quality but a nice reminder of our day together.