Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Christmas cards, bunting, and pretty hangers

I have secured these in sets of 2 onto matching card so I can sell 2 at a time 

cutting out triangles for bunting

I had a trial run and made some embroidered with CAROUSEL and gave them as a present to my daughters day care

cottage rose set of bunting

sets of 5 smas cards all bundled nicely together

I have spent all day on and off (of course) making bunting and cards, had a lovely day just a shame time runs out, I have also been busy spraying my wooden decorations with Plastikote ready to have holes drilled in them ready for the ribbon to be tied onto them, and I also need to get them ready for the wording to be transfered or painted onto them, I sprayed them in the garage but its made the whole of downstairs smell, areosol can really pong, its no wonder we have not all got headaches!

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