Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tutorial to make favour pockets

10 Steps to make favour pockets.
All of my products apart from the paper came from Karen a lovely stampin up demonstrator There are so many great ideas on her blog to try, I am going to use these, well, similar to these as my wedding favours. So I am practising for mothers day. See my Marti Crafts on facebook  to see how I've filled them and the extra embellishments I have added. 

Stamp the card (half A4)

Stick double sided tape to one end

Roll into a tube

Stick double sided tape to inside of one end of tube

Squash the two sides of tube together

Add tape to the other end of tube its at this
stage you would add something inside the pocket
(Nice chocolates?)  

Squash tube flat in the opposite direction to the first one

So this is how it should look now

Use the crimper to crimp both ends of your pocket

This is the effect the crimper gives

TA-DA! one favour pocket


  1. Only just discovered your blog, and what a great idea these are. Fab for Christmas gifts to!! xx

  2. Thanks for following Pen, and for the comment! Love your blog too


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