Saturday, 19 March 2011

Custom Order Apron & More

One plain pocket with white ribbon

...Now has pretty pale pink rhinestones on

Chiffon neck tie (adjustable) and "Nails by Liza" has
to be attacthed but its too late to have the sewing machine
going! So a job for tomorrow

Ceramic heart with embellishments for Mothers day

Well I have started the apron that was ordered last week, and all was going well until it got to 12am...Then I couldn't use the machine or I'd wake the whole house up! So I will finish it off tomorrow ready for delivery.
I also brought some gorgeous ceramic hearts today that were crying out to me for a personal touch! I thought I might hand paint a couple of them with some nice sayings. So that's it another crafty day in the Marti Crafts household!


  1. what a beautiful apron xx

  2. looks gorgeous...thank u hun!!! xx

  3. Thats OK Liza, It was a pleasure to make. Will do a fitting and if it needs adjusting we can do that over the weekend x


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