Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Childrens aprons & Ceramic hearts

Blue paper rose ceramic heart

Ivory ribbon rose ceramic heart


Apron modelled by Millie

Fruit oil cloth

Set of 8 Unisex childrens aprons

I have spent the morning making these ceramic hearts, they came out better than I thought, so im pleased with them them. They look great hanging up.
I've also made 8 aprons from an oil cloth fabric for our local Sure Start childrens centre for the children to wear whilst they prepare their food and snacks. Making 8 in one go was abit tricky as my attention span is like a gnat's. But I did it and they even have my Marti Crafts labels in them just for a bit of good advertising! I will take them in on thursday when we have our next toddler play session.
Now its back to real world and the chores need doing, oh the ironing, the hoovering, the washing etc etc.
Joys of spring!!!!

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