Saturday, 9 October 2010

Project how to recover a tub chair

Behind the little one is a tub chair due to be re-covered

Placing and marking out the fabric ready for pinning

Trying to get the inward curve whilst working inside is just confusing!

The mess I made in my dining room!

Finally marked, measured and cut

Not a great shot but I've made a feature of the arm rests

base added and pinned ready for machining

Not yet stuffed or the box hem on but im almost there! (its gone 1 in the morning though!)
Yay! I am finished for the night! I have been given this job to recover a tub chair with black fabric and to make a red cushion to co-ordinate with it, So having never recovered anything other than my school exercise book, I took on the challenge rather boldly saying " oh it wont take long!" I thought I had 3 weeks then Liza (whose chair it belongs to) then said "oh i need it done by midweek!" ARGH! But you know I love a mission...Anyhoo Im making really good progress and the photos do not do it justice, so stop by and see it when its finished or even better if you are local pop to see Liza and get your nails done here's a link to her amazing work. Perfectly polish'd
Well worth a little look!

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