Monday, 4 October 2010

Clocks cut & primed today

Using the jigsaw to cut out the marked shapes
2 clocks cut

10 clocks cut and primed with undercoat
 So thats done last night and this morning, the next stage will be to let them dry, whilst I have a think about what to do with some beautiful baby pink fleece that arrived from ebay this morning. Yesterday i also brought another sheet of MDF but much thinner and drew on it about 40 shapes and I will be making cute little christmas tree decorations like little gingerbread men and stars, I'm thinking that it's rather nice to have a decoration on the tree with the year on so for example "Christmas 2010" or something like that!  And also little hanging hearts and cupcakes with ribbon for the loop hanger. They might make nice little presents for aunties, mums, sisters or nannies, what do you think?

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