Thursday, 1 October 2009

New cards

I have just made a set of 5 cards ink and watercolour of different flowers with their latin names.

This is a set of 5 christmas cards 3 of one design and 2 of the other.

I'm really enjoying myself. Its so nice to wake up and do something that interests me instead of thinking about my day job! I know we all need to make money blah blah blah but once we are in the new house and I have a sewing machine, a decent camera and a study things could really take of, i'm currently waiting for trading standards to send me a load of bumpf I requested regarding where I can sell and where I cant. I know I will have a 2 year old running round and a new born baby but even so im really going to see what we can make happen from home.

1 comment:

  1. They are lovely!!! get selling!!!
    Its really exciting getting those first few sales.....and if anyones gonna make it will!!!

    I'm still struggling :)



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