Sunday, 18 October 2009

Cards now for sale in the salon

My cards are now in my sister in laws hair salon for sale I made up a wicker box to look sweet with a bit of info and left them there yesterday when I had my hair done. They are also listed online in my MISI store but thought the more people that get to see them the more likely I am to get some sales. Also went to the local libary and got a few crafty books on paper crafts like paper mache etc. Got a good idea for some penguin xmas cards that i will try to put the "marti" touch to as the ones I found look a bit old fashioned. The books from the libary are from the 70's so bit out of date.


  1. These are so nicely presented!

  2. Thanks I had to come up with something small to keep them in so they could go for sale in a hair salon!


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