Thursday, 9 December 2010

How to make chalk boards

paper template


chalkboard paint

any shape
First of all you get your design, I think about  roughly about foot square is an ideal shape to start with and draw it onto paper. Then you get your obliging partner or yourself whoever is handiest with a jigsaw cutter and get them to cut out on 12mm (1.2cm) MDF your shape.
Then once you have your shape give it a good sanding on the edges so there is no rough pieces, then I found that using a small roller is a great way to get even coverage onto your board, first roller the edges, getting into the crevices with a paintbrush, then just simply roller the front side, leave for a couple of hours and roller the back side, make sure you give them at least 2 coats of the chalkboard paint.
Next when the boards are dry, I drill 2 holes into the top edges and attach some plaited twine to make an ideal hanger.
There you have an original chalk board perfect gifts for any occasion.
(on the rectangle shape ones I buy rub on transfers and decorate them round the edges making sure I leave room for someone to be able to chalk onto the board)

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