Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Phase 3 of the bedroom set

So, so far I have made the pretty dress rack, the clock and the quilt and a lamp shade on a faux leather stand and a ceiling light shade and the name plaque, here you can see the clock which will tonight have the hands popping through the hole in the centre of the butterfly shape, have to make a hole in the top of the butterflys head to attatch the antennea onto her head and also the dress rack will have the hooks attatched and the brass fixings added onto the back to hold it on the wall you can also see in the name plaque photo that I have put Alexis's name onto the small butterfly canvases that make up the dress rack... So still to make the curtains then we are all made and ready for the bedroom. Any thoughts on my efforts?


  1. 150% for effort!!! I am sure that lexi and mum will love what you have created for them. Totally original and unique. And when lexi grows up she can tell the world she once had her bedroom designed by the fantastic talented 'Martina'
    I love it!!

  2. These are so cute! I love the square lamp! Thanks for adding me to your inspiration blog roll!


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