Friday, 18 December 2009

Late december

mini bite size goats cheese and spinach tarts

pretty mince pies mincemeat mixed up with extra brandy and pecans and almonds

goats cheese tart with onions, mushrooms, and olives

mini christmas pudding truffles

sweet and sour beetroot side dish

Well its been a while!

The house at Broadstone is looking more like home after the move. We are ready for the christmas season to start and I have made nothing other than food! I have been adding a few things to my family cook book such as Nigella's mini christmas pudding truffles. (very cute) also a sweet and sour beetroot side dish for all those left over frozen beets from the garden. I made some cute goats cheese mini tarts and a different take on mince pies stolen from GMTV daily cook phil vickery! A large goats cheese tart ans some pretty mince pies.
Im very heavily pregnant now as baby is due any day. So everything feels like a mission.
All set though and ready for our new arrival and for santa to come!


  1. those look so appetising! wishing you all the best for the birth, christmas and the new year :)


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